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I recently had the chance to attend The Baby Show at the Enercare Centre. The show offered the opportunity to interact with the experts on all things pregnancy to pre-school. I know some of you are wondering why attend a Baby Show when you are past the “baby” stage? Well what was great about this show is that it really covered all stages from bump to pre-school. I checked out products that I only dreamed existed a few short years ago and also gained helpful tips for the toddler stage we are in now! There really was something for every mom! This included informative seminars for first time parents and meet and greets for the littles with the PJ Masks and Peppa Pig. I was thrilled to focus solely on being a mom for the day and absorb all that the show had to offer!

I had the chance to check out the latest products from the most trusted brands like Made Good, Madela, Safety First, Love Child Organics, Mabels Labels and so on, but what I really wanted to take away was products or tools for each stage of motherhood that were entirely new to me. This is one area in which the show certainly did not disappoint.

Cozy up with a cup of Joe, or who are we kidding, a glass of wine as here is a roundup of some of my favourite products broken out by stage.

Pregnancy – Infant

Make My Belly Fit

This Canadian brand offers a unique design of jacket extenders for pregnant moms that are compatible with any brand or style of jacket. In addition, they make a baby carrier cover that attaches to any brand of carrier to provide added warmth to baby while enclosing the mothers coat. This allows babywearing moms to ensure baby is kept warm while out in the cold weather. Their products are perfect for outdoorsy moms or those who prefer to babywear during the cold weather months.

4Moms Spout Cover

This is a great bath time aid for moms with babies with sensitive skin. We struggled a lot with my daughter when it came to bath time. Her skin was so sensitive that the water had to be precisely right in order for her to enjoy bath time (think Mama Bear’s porridge). Well that was a tall task most days and generally ended in bath time misery. This handy product would have been life changing! The cover fits over any standard bath spout and as water passes through it reads the temperature allowing you to accurately determine a temp that works best for your baby. Now why didn’t I think of that!

Baby Show 4


Bed NANNY bed guards

For those moms who are transitioning from a crib to a bed this one is for you! When it comes to keeping our squirmy little ones in their new spaces we are all aware of the various options from traditional bed rails with a metal frame and breathable fabric overlay, to the ineffective hacks of pool noodles or body pillows under the bed sheet. The Bed NANNY really offers an innovative solution. The design includes a fitted sheet with a removable foam insert offered in various sizes to fit any standard mattress. The foam is high and stiff enough to prevent toddlers from rolling over it while still being soft to prevent any injuries during the night. The foam insert easily zips out for laundering and is waterproof should accidents occur because, well, potty training!

Baby Show 3

BZ Littles – Toddler BZBoards

As we all know toddlers are busy. It can be tough to keep them endlessly entertained without incorporating too much screen time. I have heard of so many parents building busy boards as a way to develop their littles fine motor and critical thinking skills, while keeping them entertained. Since I am not the DIY’r I wish I could be, I instantly fell in love when I came across these. These busy boards are beautifully hand crafted to challenge toddlers for hours of developmental activity. They would make a great gift (did I mention Christmas is coming) and the quality is impeccable, meaning they will definitely last through more then one kid!


Reward ‘Um Reward Charts and Visual Schedules

If there is one thing I have learned as a mom it’s that kids don’t rush for anything and need constant reminders when it comes to staying on task or schedule. In comes Reward ‘Um reward charts and visual schedules. This product line instantly spoke to me!

In order to make morning and nighttime routines easier I have generated visual schedules which are posted on my daughter’s bedroom door. These serve as a gentle reminder of all of the steps in the process and helps keep us on track when going through our routines. When we start to get off schedule we go back to the charts to help ease through the transition. This is a great tool for kids to learn independence and to become accountable. Well this company has read my mind and has developed a line of reusable stickers which can be posted conveniently around your home as a reminder for kids of all of the steps of their routine. From morning to night these gentle reminders can help kids stay focused on the tasks that need to be done creating less friction and more time for fun!

All Stages

League of Moms

Tired of searching through multiple mom groups on Facebook? This resource is a central hub for all pregnancy and kid related services within your city. It allows you to search for the services you need (think camps, pre-natal massage; the list is endless) and read helpful reviews from other moms. Currently the site services the GTA, but for all my Hamilton moms, great news, they will be launching here in January!

Baby Show 6

As we all know being a mom can be totally overwhelming most days, and absorbing all of the products and information found at The Baby Show certainly validates this, but I wouldn’t change it for anything! As a mom in today’s day and age we are so fortunate to have a wealth of aids developed by moms and experts that to help ease many of the #momstruggles. So, whether you are growing a bump or chasing your little(s) I hope some of these products may be the solution you have been looking for, or at the very least make you say “why didn’t I think of that?!”

Special thanks to Candace Huntley of Songbird Marketing for the invitation to attend!'
Written by Tracey