Arbonne Five Minute Face

Lately, I don’t know if its lack of time, the cold weather and less daylight, or just sheer laziness, but I have only been spending five minutes in the morning on my makeup. I’ve actually got it down to a science. I’ve come to learn that with the right products a five minute face can look like you spent more than just five minutes. Today, I’m going to share my arsenal of makeup for creating a long lasting five minute face. The best part? All the products are botanically based and safe for your skin.

1. Arbonne Makeup Primer  – You’re probably wondering why I would bother with a makeup primer when I only have five minutes to begin with. I personally always like to start with a makeup primer because it will keep your makeup lasting all day long and will help you use less makeup. What’s great about this particular primer is that is also conditions the skin using ingredients like green tea leaf extract and grape seed extract.

2. Arbonne CC Cream – CC creams are great because they are so versatile. You can easily sweep them on using your fingers, a sponge or makeup brush. Another reason I prefer a CC cream is that they are buildable, meaning you can start off with a thin layer and build until you get your desired coverage.

3. Arbonne Creme Concealer – Knock on wood, since I have changed up my skin care routine I have been blemish free. However, those dark circles still leave something to be desired. A good creme concealer, that doesn’t crease, works wonders taming those designer bags under my eyes. I particularly love this concealer because it dries to light, powder finish.

4. Arbonne Bronzer – I like adding a light sweep of bronzer, especially in the winter time, across my temples and under my cheek bones (do a fish face to find the hollows and sweep the bronzer there to contour). This adds some colour to the face and also contours the shape of the face.

5. Arbonne It’s a Long Story Mascara– Mascara is a girl’s best friend. If you only have time for one product in the morning, make it mascara (and you might as well make it a good one). I love Arbonne’s It’s a Long Story Mascara because it is formulated to make lashes look long and beautiful, but is also is packed with tons of vitamins to keep your lashes looking long and beautiful even after the mascara has been washed of.

6. Arbonne Lipstick in Rose Petal – I always find a sweep of lipstick just finishes a whole look. I chose Rose Petal because its a universally flattering shade and one of those shades that fades naturally so you don’t have to worry about constantly reapplying it.

So there you have it, a makeup look that takes less time to do than it does to read this blog post. As an Arbonne Consultant, I can help you put together your own five minute face. Contact me and let me help you find the perfect items to add to your makeup routine!

What are your must have makeup products to create a  five minute face?'
Written by Tracey