I’ve always loved fashion and I can say that even after having a baby none of that has changed. What I did learn after having a baby is that style evolves, just as our styles evolve as we age and enter different chapters in our lives. My style as mom, however, has taken on many forms in these past twelve months and I think I’ve finally rediscovered my style again.

Let’s be real. Fashion is the last thing on most women’s minds when they’ve just had a baby. There is so much going on with the body in terms of healing and getting back to its “normal” shape again. In the early days, I mostly lived in leggings and sweaters…most covered in leaking breast milk or spit up, or on really bad days – both.

A few months in, I started to fit into my normal clothes again, but since I wasn’t going out much I tended to wear the same outfit five days in a row. I found that when I did go out, I was more conscious of what I wore. This was probably for the most part because I was nursing and also carrying some extra weight that made my clothes fit differently.

Around the eight month mark, I had stopped breastfeeding and was back to my normal weight. I had time and energy to want to put effort into my outfit choices, but I learned quickly what my limitations were when it came to outfits when I’m with Bria. I needed mid to high rise pants that were stretchy because nothing says fun like trying to bend over to play with your child than low rise, too tight, muffin top inducing pants. With tops, I need higher necklines in case Bria trying to pull a “Justin Timberlake at the Superbowl moment” since those little baby hands are quite grabby. In terms of shoes, my feet had gotten a bit wider in pregnancy so I had to adapt my shoes a little bit. A lot of my flats were now too narrow. Also heels or hard to walk in shoes were out of the question as they just weren’t practical if I was carting a child in toe. In terms of accessories, necklaces were a no go, as Bria loved to pull/strangle me with them. Everything else was fine, but I had to be careful with rings that could catch or snag on her clothes.FullSizeRender (8)

Now that I had determined what worked and what didn’t, you wouldn’t believe how hard it was to find clothes that fit into these requirements that were also fashionable. When I was approached to try out some clothes from Mark’s at first I was a bit hesitant. I’ll be honest, I had never actually stepped foot in one of their locations before. I decided to take a look at their site and was actually really surprised when I could see myself wearing just about everything they had for sale. On top of the great styles they had to offer, I was really impressed to see brand names like Alfred Sung and Levi’s in their collections as well.

When my outfit arrived, the fit of everything was perfect (including the jeans, which is a shocker from just ordering via online!). The top I picked out is a cold shoulder style top by Denver Hayes. I picked this top because its long and loose, but still has a great shape and pattern. The material is light and breathable and the cold shoulder detail makes it current with today’s trends.

photo1 (1)

For pants, I personally love anything that resembles a legging so I opted for the Levi’s Pull on Leggings. These fit great and surprisingly for me (who is 5’9″) they were long enough too. I liked that they were slim fit, but weren’t skin tight and had a good stretch in the material. They are a mid-rise jean as well, which is exactly what I was looking for.

photo2 (1)
Shoes were the tricky part for me. With Fall here I knew I wanted boots, but I wanted something comfy and quick to put on it. These lace up combat boots fit the bill –  thank you side zipper for making it easy to get my feet in and not having to fumble with laces!

There are so many other items on my wish list from Mark’s and I definitely will be heading into the store to update my wardrobe and try on some items in person. I actually already have my eye on this Alfred Sung cardigan, what do you think?

Has your style evolved after kids?

Written by Tracey