I can’t lie though. In the past ten months, my teeth have been my last priority. After my daughter Bria was born, flossing (and sometimes even brushing) were forgotten and with extra cups of coffee and red wine added to the mix, I was a little more hesitant to show my not-so-pearly whites.

I began trying a number of things: Whitening toothpaste (didn’t work fast enough for me), oil pulling (took too much time), whitening strips (never seemed to stay on my teeth and OUCH the sensitivity!)…then Smile Brilliant came into my life and my teeth have never been the same (thank God!)

Smile Brilliant is an at-home professional strength whitening system. It works the same as the one you would pay an arm and a leg for at the dentist and you do it from the comfort of your own home (and for a fraction of the price!).

How it Works

Once you’ve ordered your whitening system from Smile Brilliant, you will get a package in the mail with everything you need to begin your teeth whitening journey.

The first step is to create your custom molds. You are sent three sets of impression materials (hey mistakes happen) to create your impressions. After you have taken the impressions you just mail them back in the prepaid envelope found in your kit and Smile Brilliant’s dental lab technicians will create your custom-fitted teeth whitening trays, which will be mailed back to you upon completion.

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Once you have your trays, you can start the whitening process. Your new trays will fit your teeth snugly and allow you to begin whitening daily from thirty minutes to three hours comfortably. Along with your whitening gel you will also find a desensitizing gel that you use in conjunction with the whitening gel to make sure you are maintaining the integrity of your tooth enamel and not preventing the dreaded sensitivity that many teeth whiteners experience. You can read a little more about how Smile Brilliant allows even the most sensitive teeth to be whitened here.

My Experience

I can’t lie I was a little nervous to get started. Creating the molds looked intimating, but the instructions were really well laid out and I liked that I had an extra set in case I messed up. It ended up being way easier than I thought and my molds were perfect on the first try.

It didn’t take too long to get my trays back. They came in a nice little case like you would have for a retainer. I was surprised that the trays were light and bendable, which was great because it made them very comfortable to wear.

Once my trays were in my hands, the whitening process began! There are individually packaged whitening syringes that are found in your original kit, along with the syringes of desensitizing gel. There’s also a detailed instruction card with plenty of instructional photos that explains how to use your gels (and about how much product to use) along with helpful tips and tricks. If you have specific questions, check out their FAQ section.

I definitely had some staining I was hoping to remove with the whitening trays. After my first forty minute session, I already noticed that my teeth were at least one shade lighter. I maintained using the trays every evening and building up my session from forty minutes to about an hour and a half (you can go for up to three hours if you want!). I found the trays really easy to wear – the product didn’t spill over into my mouth, nothing shifted or moved and I could carry on with my normal activities. I think this is why it was so easy for me to wear my trays every single day because it wasn’t a pain to do like whitening strips which slip off or the product would seep off the strips and onto my gums.

I always used the desensitizing gel for about twenty minutes afterwards and I credit this with not running into any tooth sensitivities. This is huge because I already have sensitive teeth so to be able to achieve this level of whitening and not suffer any painful sensitivity is a huge plus in my books.


As you can see, the change in my teeth is really noticeable. This was after two weeks of use. The average person will remove all stains within 7-14 treatments, which not a huge time commitment. After this, since our teeth are constantly under attack from stains, you can maintain as needed a few times a year. It is very easy to buy additional syringes from Smile Brilliant, and each syringe should last 3-4 applications of both your top and bottom teeth.

Try it Risk Free

Did you know Smile Brilliant is the only professional teeth whitening company backed by Google’s exclusive Trusted Store Program? Google has verified their shipping, customer service, and overall reputation and even offers all Smile Brilliant customers a FREE, purchase protection plan up to $1000. On top of this, you can try Smile Brilliant risk free for 45 days and if you aren’t satisfied they will take the product back and issue you a 100% refund.



Okay now here is where the fun comes in! At this point I know you’re like, “Okay I am sold on Smile Brilliant,” but what if I said you could try it for FREE? I’m teaming up with Smile Brilliant to giveaway a $135 credit which is good for the T-3 Sensitive kit. You can enter the giveaway here. Good luck. Can’t wait for the giveaway to end to make your purchase? Use the coupon code justatraceblog20 for $20 off your trays.

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Have you ever tried whitening your teeth? Would you try Smile Brilliant?

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Written by Tracey