“KELLY CLARKSON!” We all remember this famous line from The 40-year-old Virgin when Steve Carrell is getting his chest waxed for the first time. Would you believe me that I silently scream “Kelly Clarkson” each time I have suffered through a Brazilian wax?

I normally have a high pain tolerance, but there’s something about waxing that just turns me into a blubbering baby. Now, I’ve only had a few Brazilians in my time, and I’ll shamefully admit they’ve all been done in the back of a nail salon. You may not even know there is a “back of a nail salon.” There is, and I don’t recommend you go back there.

Instead, you should head to WAXON WAXBAR. They’ve made it easy for you too since there’s locations all over the GHTA. I recently had the pleasure of checking out their Burlington location, and would you believe I laughed and smiled my way through the entire Brazilian and was left with no skin irritation or ingrown hairs?

I had an appointment set up to try out WAXON, who focus solely on waxing. I was super nervous the day of the appointment, wondering how I was going to suffer through yet another painful waxing appointment with my dignity still intact. I walked into the waxbar and was immediately taken with the sunny décor. Grey and yellow, modern and sleek, this place was beautiful.

WAXON Treatment Room

I only had to wait a few minutes for Kate, who was going to be waxing me. She led me into a private room with a table for me to lay on. What can easily be an awkward experience wasn’t at all with Kate. She told me what to do and how to position my legs.

As I watched her stirring up gold, yes GOLD, wax, my stomach was in knots. She reassured that me since WAXON uses its own patented gold wax, which is a hard wax, and it’s a much different experience that what you get with the soft wax used in other salons. She said most of her customers don’t even feel anything at all. I smiled and in my head was already blurting out “KELLY!” when she pulled the first strip. I never got to “CLARKSON” because I realized that she wasn’t lying. It didn’t hurt….at all.


Instantly relief swept over me and I could relax. Kate and I chatted about WAXON, Arizona (where I’m planning to travel in a few months and a favourite of hers) and a bunch of other random topics. I laughed, made jokes and totally forgot I was getting a Brazilian.

Typically, after I find that I get very red and bumpy and end up with a few ingrown hairs. This time around though my skin was fine. No irritation, redness or bumps! In four weeks, my hair was starting to grow back so I decided to  go back again!

Yes, I willingly went back. This time, I also got my eyebrows waxed and tinted as well. Tinting is something I had never done before, but I fill my eyebrows in every morning and this helps me skip most of this step in the morning. Plus, now when I don’t wear makeup, I still have thicker looking eyebrows.WAXON WAXBAR

So what makes WAXON WAXBAR so special? WAXON’s mission is ‘Providing our Clients with the BEST wax experience every time!’ They pride themselves on their superior service, trendy vibe and competitive prices. WAXON hires only the best Waxologists in the industry – all trained the WAXON Way using their exclusive wax, WAXON GOLD.

Let’s talk a little bit more about this GOLD wax. WAXON created its own wax because they pride themselves on providing their clients with an even more comfortable and flawless wax experience and they are able to achieve this by creating WAXON GOLD. WAXON GOLD has all of these benefits that hard waxes lack: Titanium Dioxide: reduces redness post waxing and soothes the skin during your waxing service resulting in a much more comfortable (less painful) wax experience. Mica: increases the wax’s ability to grip the hairs resulting in a flawless wax, every time. Mica also gives GOLD it’s gorgeous natural shimmer. What it comes down to is you have to feel it to believe it. It made me a believer.

WAXON WAXBAR is aiming to change the stereotype of the painful and often dreaded wax experience. You’ll leave feeling like it was the quickest, most convenient, affordable wax experience you’ve ever had and yes you’ll willingly go back. Trust me. Check out all of WAXON WAXBAR’s current locations and book your first appointment now, so I can say I told you so!

Have you ever tried waxing?

Written by Tracey