To make up for last week’s lack of WTFs, the universe blessed with me many WTF worthy moments this week, so let’s jump right in:

  • Earlier this week, I was walking home from work (4:00PM), and saw a man (in a business suit) sitting on the curb of a busy street, devouring a large pizza straight out of the box. So many judgments went through my head: “Really? A LARGE?” “Can’t you wait to eat that until you go home?” “Why would you want everyone in rush hour traffic watching you eat that?” and also a bit of admiration, “Wow, I wish I was confident enough to finish work, pick up a large pie and just go nuts on it curbside in my suit.”
  • Living and working downtown you get a cornucopia of crazies. Again, walking home from work one day this week I saw a homeless woman, sans bra, wearing a deep cowl neck tank top. Needless to say, I am sure you all know where I’m going with this one. The wind blew that cowl and when it settled back down, her right boob had popped out and was just hanging there out of her shirt. She did not notice. I did, and am still working to erase that memory.
  • This heat wave. It has been unbearably hot here. The girl that leaves for work in the morning, looking good with my hair and makeup did, is not the same girl that gets to work after a fifteen minute walk in the sweltering heat. I have basically given up. I look like a hot mess everyday.
  • Along with this heat, I have noticed that a lot of women have not been wearing bras. I mean, if you’re part of the “itty bitty titty committee” going without a bra isn’t the biggest deal, but when you can feed an entire village (you know what I mean), wear a bra! Or at least don’t wear skin tight, white tops. I feel like I’ve seen enough nipples this week to put together an entire National Geographic magazine.
  • A few months ago I had got new glasses, and had a really hard time seeing out of them. The prescription was only a slight increase from my last one so I was really confused why everything was so blurry. The eye doctor said to wear them for a week because I would adjust. I could barely wear them for thirty minutes without feeling sick so I took them back. It turns out the lab put in the wrong prescription and that was why I couldn’t see. I had been trying to force my eyes to adjust to a prescription that wasn’t mine! Thankfully, all order is restored and I can see out of them now.

I was walking downtown the other day and passed by this bakery with these crazy, animal bread things in the window.

I don’t know if I think these are really neat, or incredibly bizarre.

At the movies on the weekend, I stumbled upon this

  1. Seriously?
  2. Seriously?
  3. Do people actually read these magazines and/or take them home?
  4. Will people actually remember to pick them up off the sticky floor and return them after the movie?

Well, that’s all for this week. Remember to leave me your WTF moments in the comments below. See you next week!'
Written by Tracey