I found my guardian skincare angel on Instagram. Yes you read that right. Her name is Christine or better known to her almost 2,000 followers as @the_medical_aesthetician. In the past year, I have become further frustrated and dissatisfied with the state of my skin. From discolouration, to pimples (thanks post-baby hormones!) to just dull skin, I didn’t even know where to begin.

Good skincare and makeup can only do so much before you need to put yourself in the hands of an expert and that is where Christine and the team at ArtMed came in. Now, I’ve been to a medical spa (also known as a “medispa”) a few times, but overall I’m more of a day spa girl….or should I say was. While facials you would typically get a day spa have great results, the facial services at a medispa, like ArtMed, are regular facials taken up a notch. The combination of the relaxation found in a day spa style facial is met with the science of medicine to pack that one-two punch you need if you really want your skin looking its best.


When I spoke to Christine about my skin and what bothered me about it, she said I would benefit most from a SilkPeel. I had never heard of one before, but had seen her performing some on Instagram. The SilkPeel would work to exfoliate the outer layers of my skin, suction away the dead skin cells, and saturate my skin with a serum. The tool that is used during the SilkPeel allows the serum to penetrate into the deepest layers of skin, infusing it with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants, and increasing the effectiveness of treatment. See what I mean about taking skincare to the next level?

70 ArtMed Clinic

Okay, so let’s talk about my experience at ArtMed. ArtMed is located in Guelph, conveniently not far from the highway so it made the drive really easy for me coming from the Niagara area. If there ever was a more welcoming atmosphere to walk into for the first time, I haven’t found it. I was greeted by two bubbly and friendly staff – Twylla, the clinic manager and Meghan the client concierge. Not only was everyone working at ArtMed gorgeous (like skin care goals, much?!), they made me feel at ease and took the time to explain everything to me.

After a short wait, I was met by Christine who greeted me with a big smile, glowing skin and a hug! She is the kind of person that makes you feel like you’ve known her forever. She brought me into a room where I met with Jane Watson, who would be looking at my skin under its surface using a state of the art VISIA machine. This process was so neat. By simply taking three pictures of my face using this machine, we were instantly able to see what was going on deep down in my skin. Jane was able to look at the scientific data and tell me my skin’s story – UV damage, pores, wrinkles, skin texture, you name it.  From this data, Jane was able to get the whole picture of my skin and recommend treatments to correct any damage and prevent any future damage.


What  I liked most about the VISIA machine was that it gave you a starting point. For example, a year from now after regular treatments and taking better care from my skin I could get a second facial assessment and actually see the improvements instead of just hoping and guessing if my skin is improving. I don’t know about you, but when I spend money on skincare and skincare services I like the option to be able to see that my investment is paying off!


Right after my VISIA assessment, I was whisked away for the long awaited SilkPeel. In my mind when I pictured a medispa treatment, I pictured it a lot more medical and a lot less spa. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the treatment room. I was able to lie down with a warm blanket, the lights were dimmed and there were still many aspects of a traditional facial – like a facial massage and face mask. I even got to rest quietly in the room alone while my mask worked its magic (this alone is a treat for any busy person or mama out there!). I was told the actual SilkPeel could sting or feel uncomfortable, but it didn’t at all. I actually kind of liked the feeling of the tool doing its work, extracting oil and dirt from my skin and depositing serum that would make my skin look and feel better instantly.


The whole treatment took about an hour. During this time, I also asked Christine about other treatments to help my skin such as using a laser to remove some of the redness and microneedling, which seriously is next on my list to try. Christine also gave me suggestions for items to add to my skincare routine such as daily sunscreen and a new face wash. There was never any pressure to purchase anything or to book any additional treatments, which I liked and Christine also made recommendations and suggestions based on my budget which I thought was super helpful.

I ended up purchasing both the VivierSkin cleanser and sunscreen. I have to say I have been really happy with both. The cleanser is pharmaceutical grade, but gentle enough to use twice a day. I have already noticed my skin clearing up. The sunscreen is the first sunscreen I have found that I can wear under makeup that isn’t greasy and doesn’t effect the application of my makeup.

There was no downtime for my treatment, meaning I was able to leave after with no redness or anything. The only clue that gave away I had anything done was the fact that my skin was glowing. It remained glowing for days after and I had a few people comment on it. The next day my makeup went on so easily and I needed a lot less to cover up my imperfections. In the weeks since my SilkPeel my skin has continued to improve, remain glowing and I haven’t had any new pimples or issues with my skin. I feel like it looks clearer, healthier and brighter and some of the fine lines seem to have filled in.

I couldn’t be happier with my results and I think investing in quarterly treatments with Christine, whether it is a SilkPeel, microneedling or other services is a great investment in myself. It is so much easier to put the money and effort into your skin when you are young than to regret it when you’re older. Investing in a good skincare regimen, wearing sunscreen religiously (even in winter), getting a VISIA assessment to see where you’re at and where you can improve are easy ways to take control of your skin now.

Local to ArtMed? Check them out at their website, on Facebook, Instagram, in person or call Twylla to book your complementary VISIA assessment. Oh, and don’t forget to follow my girl Christine on Instagram for a daily dose of #SkincareGoals.

Have you ever been to a medispa?

Written by Tracey